• High Performance Adhesive and Sealants : Solutions to taproot causes of failures on most mechanical equipments and provide proactive solutions to combat downtime and optimize productivity and reliability in assembly line.
           Anaerobic Adhesives
           Cyanoacrylate Adhesives
           Epoxy and Polyurathane Adhesives
           Acrylic and Methacrylate Adhesives
  • Protect from Wear ,Abrasion and Corrosion and Erosion .Provide Repair, Rebuild ,Protect to Metal, Concrete and Rubbers .
           (High Performance Polymer Composites)

  • Provide Lubrication in Extreme environments.
           (Specialty Lubricants and Aerosols).

  • Products for corrosion prevention and sealing solutions for the protection of customers  assets , fulfilling  market requirements for a performance guarantee, flexibility and bonding power, whilst ensuring respect for the environment by giving  Value benefits to customers. Pursuing world leadership for innovative, cost-effective, and environmentally safe  solutions, for long term protection .

Our mission is to maintain , as a trusted solution provider to  Industrial Assembly and  Maintenance  having strong relation with suppliers and employees without compromising the  Quality , Safety and Environment  with   highest service to Industries .

Bijay Nayak
UTTAM ADHESIVES, INC (An Uttam Group Company)

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